Chaine des Rotisseurs Philippines

17 October 2014: "The Menu of the Malolos Congress" Cafe Ysabel

25 October 2014: "Bubbly-Pairing Dinner" Marco Polo Davao

27 October 2014: Cebu Event (details to follow) Pino Restaurant

11 November 2014: "OMGD Filipino Chocolate Dinner" Cafe Ysabel






Welcome to the Confrerie de la

Chaine des Rotisseurs Philippines

The Chaine des Rotisseurs is the oldest and most prestigious international gastronomic society devoted to the promotion of fine dining and the camaraderie and pleasures of the table. There are members in more than one hundred countries in all parts of the world.

In the Philippines there are nearly a hundred and thirty members in two Bailliages in Manila and Cebu. These Bailliage members include several leading Chefs, wine and food importers, hospitality professionals and food and wine aficionados representing a diverse background who partake in local fine and casual dining events in style.


Learn here more about the organization of the Chaîne and Ordre Mondial and their activities in the Philippines.

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